I Pledge to Support our Ministries

As told by Mity Myhrimage2

My husband and I joined St David’s before we got married in 2000. A cradle Episcopalian who grew up in a historic church, I was instantly attracted to the beautiful building and long history of service to Austin. We made it our church home because of the high quality of liturgy and music and the warmth and family feeling of the parish community.

Over the years we have been inspired, comforted and challenged by the services, preaching, and adult Christian formation classes. Our son is enjoying Youth Forum, EYC, and service opportunities. We’ve been engaged in a variety of ministries that allow us to give back to St. David’s and to the Austin community. We’ve seen in very powerful ways the transforming power of our ministries. Whether it was helping someone with their email at Trinity Center or seeing the practical results of our Next-to-New/GCCO grants for a local non-profit, St. David’s makes a difference.

We understand, though, that those ministries need our pledge of financial support to continue. St. David’s is blessed by the leadership of a talented and generous staff; we need to honor their work by paying them fairly. We are blessed with a building that stands as a witness to the love and sacrifices of those who came before us. It is humbling to know that they did not make their pledges and gifts for us, but rather for our children and all the families that will come after us. Please join us in pledging this year – your gifts of time, talent and treasure.

What starts in our sanctuaries changes us, Austin and the world!

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