By Amy Moehnke
2015 Lenten Meditation, Week 4

Each of us could probably bring to mind at least one thing when we hear the word “temptation.”  Maybe it’s a certain food or drink, or a relationship, or an activity that we believe we should stay away from but are simultaneously drawn to.  Some of us make the decision to “give up” these things during the season of Lent as a way of exercising discipline over that which makes us feel undisciplined during the rest of the year.  That’s fine, as far as it goes, and if your Lenten practice is centered on something like that, by all means, keep it up!

At the same time, I wonder if we might be willing to look a little closer at the temptations that aren’t easily captured by one word, or that take much longer than 6 weeks to conquer… say, for example, the temptation to fear new things, or the temptation to talk about others when they aren’t around, or the temptation to stay silent when you are clearly being called to speak up.

Those temptations are the ones that take our energy and leave us drained; those temptations are the ones that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns; those temptations are the ones that threaten to keep us from living the abundant lives that God wants us to live and so are worth deeply examining.  Lent is a good time to start this examination, with the hope that perhaps it will lead us to make different decisions the rest of the year.

Doing this can only strengthen each individual’s spiritual life as well as strengthen the common life we share as members of the Body of Christ in this place.  A worthy goal, I’d say, and one that God will surely bless.



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