By the Rev. Katie Wright
2015 Lenten Meditation, Week 2

A friend posted on Facebook about her current life with small children “Mothers of young children don’t need Lent. Our lives are one big Lent already, all year long.”   Another, who is not in the middle of raising young children, responded with “For Lent, we should do nice things for those women.”   We all need Lent, but we don’t all need the same thing out of Lent.

Sometimes we see all too clearly our own failings- how we have let others down and failed to do what we should have done.  Sometimes all we can see is how messed up this world is and how we hurt and destroy each other in small and large ways.  We see our need for a savior all too clearly- that we can’t live the life God wants us to on our own. We need Christ- to follow and to gain strength from.  We need the community- the Church- to strengthen us when we are weak.

And then there are times when we see clearly the progress we are making with our life.  We see how much better things are today both for us individually and for the world around us.  Life and the world is better than it was hundreds of years ago or perhaps even 50 years ago.  We are endowed with creativity and intelligence and when used well we can accomplish just about anything.

And both are true.  Sometimes we need Lent to remember that we have a redeemer.  God is here, with us and will not desert us.  God loves us and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness will not overcome it!

Sometimes we need to be reminded that God’s will for this world is not yet fulfilled.  People are hurting in this world and we are to do something about it.  We need a redeemer- we continue to make mistakes and head in the wrong direction like sheep without a shepherd.

Wherever you are this Lent, may you take the time to discern what God wants you to hear and do in order to draw ever closer to the saving that is offered to us through Christ.  God’s grace and love surround us always. Thanks be to God!

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