Compline Peace

The following was sent in a thank-you message for the St. David’s Compline Choir after a special performance in Salado.

Our very dear friends have never been involved in Compline nor generally been involved in the Episcopal Church. At our suggestion, they joined us for our “limousine adventure” to dinner downtown and then the Compline Choir at 8 p.m. on a Sunday. We knew they had been dealing with lots of very difficult emotional and spiritual issues involving their family but never dreamed how the Compline Choir would aid, heal, and assist them through such a difficult time.

After the first Compline service, they were moved. Absolutely stunned would be a better description, and these are people who have been involved in church music their entire lives. They went on and on about how genuinely touched they were by the music and the reverence in the artists’ efforts. Ever since that first excursion, they have been quick to say “yes” to subsequent trips to Austin to hear the choir. They’re probably your biggest fans in Bell County, Texas, and truly feel the Holy Spirit has worked through the Compline Choir to help them survive very difficult and challenging times. Thank you, choir!

Learn more about St. David’s weekly Compline performances.

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