Day of Service

By Adrian Buchanan

Our family participated in the Day of Service last Saturday and, on the way to the Foundations Communities property where we would serve lunch, one of my sons remarked that he was worried this would be difficult, that he would absorb the sadness of people less fortunate than himself.

We served a beautiful taco buffet from Chipotle (donated by the Winslow family) to about 40 exuberant children and their families, who were all smiles and enjoying the refreshment after a busy Track & Field Day with St. David’s volunteers.  Everyone loved their lunches and came back for seconds, but I noticed that one woman was not eating hers, rather she asked for an extra foil tray and seemed to be saving the food.  As the lunch service was winding down, I asked her if she would like some leftovers to take home.  Her eyes brightened and, with a big smile, she told me that she would love that; she had been saving her lunch to take to a birthday party for the baby of her next door neighbor.

She went and got her friend, who tearfully told me that she had enough money to buy the smallest cake at the grocery store, but she was worried, because she couldn’t afford any other food to serve at the party.  Her friend stood beside her, beaming, and saying, “God always makes a way, doesn’t he?  And it’s always so much better than we could ever imagine.”  We helped them pack up the leftover taco makings, the chafing dishes, the leftover fruit and chips and dips.  Several times my husband or my sons would add something and say, “But wait!  There’s more!”  Laughing, we helped them to the car, awash in wonder at the provision of God and how something meant to nourish for an hour would nourish another community and each one of us for much longer than that.

As we got into our car to go home, the son who was worried about being sad was beaming and said, “Wow!  It feels so good to help people.”


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