“When tragedy struck, something deep inside carried him back to the safety of the church”


St. David’s held a prayer service for the victims of the SXSW crash

By Lise Harding

For four days every March, St. David’s is truly the beacon on the hill in the heart of the Live Music Capital of the World. By welcoming people into the Church’s beautiful facilities and offering folks a good song, a cold drink, a hot meal, and a warm heart, the people of St. David’s are continuing Christ’s work on earth, just as he did: with dirty hands and sore feet and a room full of people who deserve infinite opportunities to build a relationship with Him. Some of the visitors are devoted Christians, some are children of clergy, some haven’t been in a church since they were kids, some are very mad at God and some don’t know Him at all.

But this year was unlike any before it. This year, St. David’s proved its deeper role when a massive hit-and-run happened just yards away. I saw the trauma in one man’s eyes having been just footsteps from death and held his trembling hands as he asked how this could happen. Having stopped by St. David’s earlier that night to hear a band and grab a bite, when tragedy struck something deep inside carried him back to the safety of the church because he, and the others that came back, needed to be wrapped in God’s arms to feel safe again… and you- the people of St. David’s- made that possible for them.

For four days every March, St. David’s is a refuge from the storm of SXSW. So today I give thanks for every member of the St. David’s family for contributing to the creation of that opportunity for our SXSW visitors. You created a beautiful intersection… where their deep love of music could meet their emerging love of God.

I know it’s a lot of hard work and those who spent hours upon hours volunteering have the sore backs to show for it, but I hope you also feel deep inside that you lived this week as God’s hands in the world and you have fulfilled our shared mission of helping the world see Him in us. I fully believe that SXSW at St. David’s is one of the most important hospitality and outreach ministries of the church year. It was an honor and a pleasure to volunteer again this year and, God willing, I’ll see you all there next year!


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