Me and Pops

By Diana Dawson

Too many of us rush through Advent at a breakneck pace to meet what we perceive to be our obligations, expectations, and desires. One day we turn around and find that the joy we anticipated has been misplaced in a stack of to-do lists. That’s when we need a tiny reminder of what’s really important.

For me, that came a few days ago in a phone call from a man named “Pops”, who lives at Arbor Terrace, the Foundation Communities’ property where St. David’s on Saturday hosted a Christmas brunch. Our folks decked the halls there, served tamales and ham and sweet potatoes and more, and let the folks know they care.

Pops said he couldn’t thank us enough, that the meal had made his holiday season joyous. He talked about the abundance of food, how much he enjoyed it, and how he felt blessed to be able to take leftovers back to his own apartment. I couldn’t wait to tell the women who organized this, Adrian Buchanan and Elizabeth Winslow, and pass the message on to the 11 additional St. David’s volunteers there.

“What was the best part of that meal?” I asked Pops. “Maybe they can bring it back for you next time.”

“There are some meals, honey, that are so good that you can’t pinpoint one dish and say that was the best,” he said, pausing for a minute. “The best part? Really? It was those people. Everyone there from the little children to the adults were loving and wonderful and made us feel special.”

He told me that he’s employed by “please” and “thank you”, that his only job now on this earth is to use both of those words with people who deserve them.

“Do me a favor, honey, will you? Just share that ‘thank you with the rest of the people who work at St. David’s. Let them know they are doing good out in the world. People need to know that.”

And now you do. Just as if you had nibbled the edge of a sugar cookie, may Pop’s message bring you the sweet joy of the season.


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