A Letter of Thanks

By the Rev. David Boyd

Day by day, on Sundays and weekdays alike, St. David’s goes about its ministries and business. There are worship and events to plan, many, many meetings, classes to teach, souls to tend,  and deadlines to meet. As a leader in the community, St. David’s often joins with local businesses, churches, and leaders to do what we do best: being the face of Christ in downtown Austin, serving others, and spreading the message of God’s love. It’s simply what we do. Honestly, we do it so often that even I sometimes forget the impact we have on those around us. Frequently, though, I’m humbly reminded of the good we do and the ways in which we touch others. I’d like to share a recent thank-you letter we received from our neighbor, Central Presbyterian Church. It’s a nice reminder in our busy world that what we do, even simple things that just make sense, make a difference to others. In the season of giving thanks, I want to thank you for all the ways you support me, St. David’s, and our staff. Together, we will continue to serve in great ways, sharing God’s love, building God’s kingdom.

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