Why I Give

wheat_logo_friday_2By Ann Clarke

I give to make a difference; to help create a positive change in my community and throughout the world. I see it as “paying forward” for what I have received. I understand it as scripture. I do it out of habit; I have done it all my life. I get more than I give, always.

By Britton Gregory

Among other reasons, I give because it is freeing — because in giving, I’m reminding myself of what is really important, of Why I’m Here, and in doing so, I free myself from fear, anxiety, and worry.

By Frana Keith

I give to St. David’s because it is Christ’s Body on this earth, and because I have been given so much by this Church. I have been taken in and made a part of this congregation, and I give in gratitude. I also give to make this church shine with Christ’s eyes upon the part of the world in which we have been placed, a brighter beacon to downtown Austin and beyond.


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