Transformation Is All About Choices

By Ann Cooper

Recently, our rector David Boyd asked us whether our lives were being transformed at St. David’s. That question intrigued me and became the focus for some reflection: how have I experienced transformation in my life at St. David’s? Now, I’m a Harry Potter fan, and the scene that popped into my mind was the one where Professor Dumbledore explains that Harry differs from the villain Voldemort not by his abilities, but by his choices. And it occurred to me that we can carry that idea further: our choices not only show what we are, but where we‘re headed, and how we are getting there. Transformation is all about choices.

I came to St. David’s in 1981 as a bride. As a young married couple, Eddie and I chose to belong, to be an active part of St. David’s. We invested our time, talent, and, yes, treasure in the body of Christ that is St. David’s. We chose to participate in groups, to serve in various capacities, and to give financial support. In return, we were supported spiritually and emotionally when we faced difficulties, especially during Eddie’s illness and death.

I am on my own now, but choices continue, some harder than others. Will I choose to step out of my introverted comfort zone to greet a stranger? Will I write a personal rule of life, and try to live by it? Will I meet regularly with my spiritual director, seeking as honestly as I can to examine my motives and choices, and move, with her gentle guidance, toward becoming the person God wants me to be? Will I choose to ground my life in scripture and prayer? And, since we are in the season of pledge-making, will I trust in God’s provision, so that my commitments to St. David’s, financial and otherwise, are made not out of fear and a sense of scarcity , but out of a sense of abundance? My answer to these questions is a trembling “yes,” and that in itself is a sign of transformation.

My prayer for St. David’s is that our choices will be informed and transformed by remembering that (to borrow from my friend Lori Gainer) “we are the beloved and cherished children of an awesome and amazing God.” May it be so.


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