Because We Make a Difference in People’s Lives

By Janet Sawyer

I moved to Austin from Amarillo with my family in 1967. We had suffered severe financial setbacks in Amarillo and were thrilled to be able to start over here.

Lynette Giesecke was the Christian Education Director, having been called by God and Charles Sumners from Amarillo six months before. She had us teaching Sunday School within two weeks, and I never even visited another church here in town

Through these 46 years, this place has nurtured me through all the events that seem to happen in life… births, deaths, weddings, graduations, career changes. I have received inspiration, joy, and solace in this place through Gold’s presence and the people I have learned to know and love. I think the thousands and thousands of prayers said here ooze through the walls and lift me up.

I have been a participant in a lot of big and little events that have occurred in the life of this parish. I was on the committee to write our mission statement probably 30 years ago. I was on a strategic planning committee that envisioned the “new” building and the day school. It was one plan that didn’t get put in a drawer to be forgotten. I was on the Vestry at a time when money was really tight and tempers were very short.

And, just when I think that St. David’s can’t take on anything more or new or challenging, we do, and I get inspired all over again. So I give because we do things that matter and make a difference in the lives of so many, including mine.


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