All Saints

By David Stevens, Director of MusicDavid_Stevens

Many of us at St. David’s did not begin our spiritual journey in a liturgical church. As a music student, I began studying the history of music in the Western world which has been very much bound to the forms and practices of liturgies developed in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches. I learned about saints and saint days, as well as many other facts about the shape of the Christian church year.

For a goodly time, the Feast of all Saints (always November 1) has had an important place in the Christian calendar. For centuries the feast commemorated those saints (in this case, those canonized as special in the history of the church by the church) who have lived extraordinarily in former times. The Feast of All Souls (always November 2) commemorates all the faithful departed. In these latter times our churches have begun erasing the distinction between these special “holy ones” and the rest of us “sinners” made whole in Christ. Some still retain this distinction between the feasts, but the Feast of All Saints seems to have become the remembrance of all who have gone before us- both known and unknown, and whether lauded for their great devotion and sacrifices or for a quiet modest witness that has enriched the people whom they touched.

The Parish Choirs, the Joyful Noise (our St. David’s Youth choir), and many singing friends from our community, are offering leadership in the year’s celebration. We are singing selections from many composers who have written requiems to aid our worship- a “pastiche” requiem, if you will. The pieces are simply wondrous.

We hope you will join us on Friday, November 1, at 7:30 p.m. for a special liturgy, joining us in remembering and thanking God for those who have moved into that nearer presence of our God and who have shown us a manner of living which is blessed.

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