Trinity Story

By Diane Holloway
Communications and Volunteer Coordinator
Trinity CenterDiane mug

Ending one career and beginning another presents challenges and opportunities, but sometimes change takes you where you are supposed to be. The ground beneath you may feel uncertain, as fear turns to excitement, but you force yourself to move forward.

I decided to volunteer one morning a week at Trinity Center after leaving the newspaper and while engaged in a new job in politics. Why Trinity? Mostly because it was way out of my comfort zone. Homeless people, especially people on the street who seemed to be operating in a totally different reality than my own, made me nervous. Who were these people? How did they wind up on the street? Can they be helped? Do they want to be helped?

The first day I walked into the center, questions that once demanded answers disappeared, and I found myself immersed in the loving acceptance of Trinity Center. I listened to the neighbors’ stories, I laughed when they laughed, I cried with some of them, I hugged anyone who would let me. I knew I was home.

As a full-time employee of Trinity Center now, it is my privilege to serve these remarkable people every day. They are hungry for more than breakfast and a clean pair of socks. They are hungry for companionship, for spiritual enrichment and to be treated with dignity. They long for a smile and a personal greeting. In return, they inspire me every day.

“Walking into Trinity Center is like walking into a big hug,” one smiling neighbor said. (Check out more inspiring words of wisdom from our “Pearls From the Street” page on the Trinity Center website. She was grateful for us, and we are forever grateful for her and all the neighbors who come to us struggling but hopeful, ready to give and receive blessings large and small.

I’m not a social worker; I’m just one person who cares. I provide small comforts and lots of love. It’s a privilege of service that I am thankful for every day.

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