A Letter of Gratitude


To Rev. Boyd and the entire family at St. David’s:

I will be moving from Austin this upcoming weekend, but I wanted to leave a
short note for you all in gratitude. I started attending St. David’s in 2011
shortly after the demise of my relationship with my partner. I had moved to
Austin from Florida with her and one year later, our relationship had dissolved
and I felt very alone. A few months later, I was laid off from my position at
work and was in the midst of looking for new employment, which ended up being a
year long journey. Needless to say, I felt very alone and was yearning for a
family and spiritual guidance.

I walked into St. Davids on a spring Sunday and immediately felt welcomed. I
remember my first day there, specifically the sermon. The story of Jesus
telling Peter to let go of his boat, and to trust in his faith and walk towards
Him. It’s strange, but that sermon…that message….I knew it was no mistake
that I was in the right place for God’s word to finally touch my heart. I was
struggling with forgiveness; forgiving my partner and forgiving myself. I was
struggling with letting go of things/ideas/practices which did not serve me.
St. David’s provided me with a safe home to journey through forgiveness and
God’s teaching. I can say that it has changed me forever, and I cannot thank
you and your community enough for fostering my own spiritual journey to God.

Ever since that spring day, I have been attending St. David’s regularly and
consider it my home here in Austin. I met one of my best friends during that
day and each Sunday I have been moved by God’s word and the stories of the
community that attends St. David’s.

I will miss many things leaving Austin. But I will miss St. David’s greatly. I
will definitely visit Austin again, and St. David’s will always be a priority
to visit as well. I humbly thank you for helping me find the missing piece of
my life and will forever be indebted to you and your parish.

With the Kindest of Regards,

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