Mass for St. David’s

By David Stevens, Music Director

The St. David’s Music and Communications departments invite you all to partake in a special parish-wide project/event. Our Director of Communications, Jeanie Garrett, and I have been talking about creating a YouTube channel for the music of St. David’s. As far as I am concerned, the vital participation and singing from you, the congregants, are two of the great characteristics of worship at St. David’s! With that, we invite you and the musicians of the parish to participate in this exciting project.

Our plan is to have a video recording made of the musicians and the combined congregations singing together. Inspired by all of you, I composed a Mass setting, which we premiered together on the Feast of the Holy Cross in September 2014. We now know several pieces of the Mass well, and we want to record it along with three or four favorite St. David’s congregational hymns this summer.

Our plan is to have a modest number of “rehearsals” with the congregants and musicians throughout this Spring. (I hope that everyone feels that they can participate, even if you are not singing the Mass in the Historic Church, but support others of our Sunday liturgies.) Then, on Saturday, June 17, we will all meet together to celebrate our communal singing and record for the YouTube channel. No one would have to attend all the rehearsals, but we will publish a schedule where one could plan to attend the practices when one could. Most probably, some of the gatherings will be held around food being enjoyed!

I plan that we will be singing the Mass for St. David’s during Lent and Eastertide this Spring, and I encourage all of you to consider joining the “great throng” to make this video. I hope, too, that we can use the rehearsals and the culminating event to build more connections among us.

More details will be coming soon, but meanwhile, participate fully in our public worship of God in all the services at St. David’s!