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The Gift of Years

Many who read Sister Joan Chittister have experienced her as “the wisest of the wise.” Her ability to synthesize complex subjects into thoughtful, practical application is masterful. Through The Gift of Years, we will see that she is a great gift to all who seek to live faithfully and in this case, who seek to age faithfully. In this book she helps us come to grip with the “numbing reality” that we are aging, but also to discern that the purpose of our life is now becoming more visible than ever. Because so much of the study of aging is about physical diminishment, Sister Joan invites us to lift our vision, focusing on the spiritual dimension of our living. How can our spiritual wisdom increase? Come join us as we seek a fresh perspective on aging.

Leader: Roger Paynter
Dates: Wednesdays, January 18 – February 22, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Book: The Gift of Years, by Joan Chittister

Conversations with Scripture: The Gospel of John

Using this accessible and enlightening text, we will explore the fourth Gospel and all its paradoxes – the beauty, the truth, and the difficulties.  If you have ever wondered how to interpret the words, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me,” or the claim, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son,” this might be the discussion class for you.  This group does not promise answers, but a place to come together to read, study, discuss and ponder how this Gospel might help us understand God and God’s vision for the world a bit better.

Leader: Rebecca Hall
Dates: Wednesdays, January 25 – March 1, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Book: Conversations with Scripture: The Gospel of John, by Cynthia Briggs Kittredge

The Daring Way: A Class Based on the Research of Brene Brown

The Daring Way™ is a research-based experiential methodology designed to help men and women learn to show up, be seen, and live braver lives.  Join us for an eight week intensive course as we explore shame and shame resilience, vulnerability and authenticity, and begin to engage daily practices that help us live whole-heartedly.  Class limited to 12 participants.GROUP FULL

Leaders: The Rev. Terry Pierce (certified Daring Way facilitator) and Beth Pierce, LCSW
Dates: Tuesdays, February 7 – April 4 (no class during spring break), 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Optional Books: The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Way

The Fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Celtic Conversion of Anglo Saxon England to Christianity

Members of the Anglican Communion, mindful of the primacy accorded the Archbishopric of Canterbury, may assume its role has been central in English Christianity since its foundation in 597 AD, but that was not the case originally. Much of Anglo-Saxon England was instead converted to Christianity by missions sent out from Lindisfarne.  The first three abbots of Lindisfarne were themselves Old-Irish speakers trained at Iona. In order to place those developments in context, Dr Mac Lean will review the broader context, beginning with the Emperor Constantine, the legalization of Christianity within the Roman Empire, the Council of Nicaea, the Arian heresy and its effects on the Great Migrations, the Anglo-Saxon settlement of England, interactions between Celtic Christians and pagan Anglo-Saxons, the conversion of Anglo-Saxon England, and the Viking aftermath.  The talks will be presented informally. Participants are invited to interject comments and ask questions.

Leader: Dr. Douglas Mac Lean
Dates: Tuesdays, January 10 – January 31,  6:30 – 8 p.m.

Wrestling with Holy Scripture

We will be looking at the bible reading for the upcoming Sundays with the intention of engaging our hearts and souls along with our brains.  There is some preparation expected for each week’s time together.  This is a six-week class that may continue to meet after the initial time has passed.

Leader: The Rev. Katie Wright
Dates: Tuesdays, January 10 – February 28, 3 – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Brentwood Social House on 2222
Materials: provided at the first class

St. Benedict’s Workshop Discernment Group

“How shall we live?” is an ongoing question for every Christian person and community. We all are in constant discernment – some questions are big, and some are smaller.  Should I take a new job, or stay where I am? How can I cope with an aging parent? My boss has asked me to do something unethical and I don’t know how to respond. What is a faithful way to deal with my mother-in-law who I can’t stand? Should I confront my relative who is of a different political persuasion than I about all the emails he forwards?  This group practices active Christian discernment using examples from our real lives, and then investigates what scripture might have to say about the situation. Over time, we learn how to think theologically, and to see our lives through a biblical lens. Although this group ends up offering friendship and comfort, the real point is to challenge each other to live faithfully to the gospel. This group meets Mondays from noon – 1 p.m. at St. David’s.  If you are interested in joining after the holidays please email Rebecca Hall.