Eckhardt Mission Series

The Challenge of Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth was like no other rabbi of his day.  He came, asking questions that could not be easily answered.  What might you have said when he asks, “Who do you say I am?”  or “What do you want me to do for you?” When he inquires, “Is it lawful…?” he wants his hearers to wrestle with the Law in this situation, now.  Nothing has really changed for us because his questions are still current. What can we, as modern disciples, answer in our world? Jesus is still waiting for a reply.

Saturday, February 3
4 p.m.  First Lecture
5:30 p.m.  Happy Hour and Dinner
6:45 p.m.  Second Lecture
8:00 p.m.  Compline

Sunday, February 4
9:00 a.m.  Sermon by Sr. Carol Perry
10:25 – 11:20 a.m.  Third Lecture
11:30 a.m.  Sermon by Sr. Carol Perry

Speaker:  Sr. Carol Perry
Sr. Carol has spent her life in the field of education, above all in making the Bible and its contents both user-friendly and accessible to adults for their spiritual journey.  She is  currently the Resident bible Scholar at Marble Collegiate Church, a position she and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale began as an ecumenical venture in the fall of 1980.  It was indeed an experiment to have a Roman Catholic sister teaching the adult Bible class at a major Protestant Church, so they mutually agreed to “try it” for six weeks and then to reevaluate.  Those six weeks have become almost thirty-five years!

“When I first saw Carol, I was not prepared for the impact her teaching would have on me!  Though she is slight in stature, she is anything but slight in her wisdom and teaching on the Bible.  After only an hour with her I could tell that she brings a life-giving style of engaging with the Bible that the Church desperately needs at this time.”  – Amy Moehnke

Marble Collegiate Church has long been a pioneer on the New York religious scene, from its first worship services in a grist mill on the tip of Manhattan Island in1628 to its current ventures in live-streaming across the country and around the world. Sr. Carol’s classes are part of this outreach, giving her students in some forty states and more than twenty foreign countries.

She has lectured widely and given retreats across the country with an emphasis on the Bible and the role of women in religious life today.  In addition, she has been the biblical guide on seven tours to the Holy Land, two to Italy and one to Greece and Turkey.

Sr. Carol is the author of “Waiting for Our Souls to Catch Up”, named one of AARP’s  Best of 2014.

She is the recipient of a 2015 Norman Vincent Peale Award for Positive Thinking from the Blanton-Peale Foundation.

About the Eckhardt Mission Series

“Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” John 12-21

Louise Eckhardt pictured with the Rev. Jim Bethell

Louise Eckhardt pictured with the Rev. Jim Bethell

Louise Adams Eckhardt brought joy and prayer to the St. David’s parish. Her presence among us was a gift that we treasured while she was with us. In 1987, she gave an endowed gift to St. David’s to remain with us through time by establishing the James Eckhardt Mission Series. This series, a preaching / teaching event featuring a Biblical presentation of the Scriptures according the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is for the Parish family of St. David’s and other peoples of the greater Austin community.

In making this gift, she cited John 12:21, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” A secondary objective in establishing the series was “to provide a more personal teaching and sharing experience for various groups within St. David’s Parish and to bring people into a closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

The series name honors the memory of Dr. James W. Eckhardt for his dedicated Christian ministry to the medical profession.

Not only did she provide for this series in her lifetime, she left a bequest equal to her original gift for the series in her Will. Additionally, she left gifts to St. David’s for food, healing youth, altar guild, mission and evangelism, and prayer ministries. Her generous offerings of abundance to our parish began with sharing her smile and her prayers and her belief in Jesus Christ.

With her Will, she told the parish how much ministry, prayer, and teaching about Jesus Christ meant to [her] in her life. She has left a legacy for those of us who knew her and for those who did not. Those touched by her generosity today and in the future will know the value of her lifework and her love for St. David’s through the teaching series that she has left for generations of people to experience. Louise’s gift blesses us all with God’s love.