Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To be a “light on the hill” in Austin, bringing healing, joy and fullness of life to all people.

Our Mission

St. David’s is a diverse worshiping community of believers unified in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to receive and share God’s love, hope, joy, vitality, and vision as we serve others.

Core Values

Core values are defined as an “organization’s essential and enduring tenets” (from Build to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, by Jim Collins, 1994). They help define who we are as a community. As St. David’s meets the opportunities of the future, the vestry, ministries, programs, and guilds will use these core values as a guide for decision making.

The core values of St. David’s are:

Faith: Believing in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as articulated in the scripture and Baptismal Covenant and as lived out in prayer and worship.
Learning: Deepening our relationship with God through education, reflection, and application.
Diversity: Welcoming in the spirit of the New Covenant all people who are seeking God.
Serving: Doing Christ’s work in the world by serving others.
Tradition: Honoring our Anglican heritage as well as our history of civic engagement in Austin since 1848.
Participation: Encouraging all parishioners to participate actively in our community of faith.
Authenticity: Striving for truth and openness in our relationships with one another.

Strategic Directions

In defining a path for the future of St. David’s, a 2006 Envision team identified six categories to encompass all we do as a church. We put our core values into action through:


For each category, the team developed a strategic direction that includes a succinct statement of where we want to be in the future and a list of specific and tangible implications of that choice for the parish. Read them here.

Parish Profile

portraitIn 2015, St. David’s commissioned several surveys and reports to aid in our search for a new Rector. What came out of these questions, along with parish-wide conversations, was a comprehensive Portrait of the Parish. This digital magazine outlines our values, faith in action, and hopes for the future.