Pastoral Care and Reconciliation

flowersPastoral Care

At the heart of our life as a faith community lies the commitment and responsibility to care for, support, and encourage one another, especially in times of crisis and difficulty. We do this in a variety of ways here at St. David’s, and want you to know what they are so that when you or a family member or friend are dealing with serious life changes or challenges you can get the help you need.

The Community of Hope is a group of lay chaplains who have participated in a 14-week training on the basics of pastoral care and Benedictine spirituality. They are available to accompany you through a challenge or change by:

  • visiting you at home or in the hospital
  • bringing communion
  • praying with and for you
  • bringing you a meal
  • just providing a comforting presence

In collaboration with the clergy, these trained volunteers provide a vital ministry in a parish as large as St. David’s, helping assure that people in need don’t “fall through the cracks.” To request the support of a member from the Community of Hope just contact Amy Moehnke, Minister for Young Adults and Pastoral Care and she’ll make the connection. You can also contact Amy if you would like to receive a visit (with or without communion) from a member of the clergy.
Additionally, we have several other Pastoral Care supports available:

Nursing Home Volunteers: Assist the clergy in providing worship services. Pianists, song leaders, Eucharistic ministers, and people to distribute materials and assist attendees are needed.
Prayer Requests: We have many groups who pray daily for those in need as well as prayers we offer during Sunday morning services. To submit a prayer request for yourself or a loved one, you can submit one here or you can place a Prayer Request card (found in the pews) in the offering plate during services.
Sunday Flower Delivery Angels: Each week the flowers from the altar are given to hospitalized or homebound St. David’s members.
Prayer Shawls:  The prayer shawls are knitted by members of the St. Agnes Guild. Prayer Shawls can be given to someone who is struggling physically, spiritually, or emotionally.

For more information, to request services, or to volunteer for this important ministry, contact Amy Moehnke.


Our priests offer the Reconciliation of a Penitent or Sacrament of Reconciliation at any time, but especially during the season of Lent and Advent. Please see page 446 in the Book of Common Prayer for more information about this pastoral office. If you are interested in a private, confidential meeting with a priest to confess your sins and to be assured of God’s absolution, please contact the priest of your choice. You may contact one of the priests to schedule an appointment by calling 512-610-3500 and asking for their extension.